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Up State New York during the foilage

I have several activities but travelling is the kind of activity, which almost all the people love specially me I find traveling exciting and interesting. Traveling is great activities for several reason:

  • ·        I meet me family and friend in different places in the world
  • ·        Great opportunity to relax and abstract from my busy life.
  • ·        observe the way people of other cultures
  • ·        I take the chance to visit places that everyone dream to see
  • ·        I’m always looking for photo opportunity anywhere I go

·        My dream since I born is to travel. This dream become bigger with the days, as I visit new place, I am always looking for other that I did not see yet.

It is very exciting for me to visit place that I only seen in magazines or TV and movies because I like to take it with my own eyes and take my own eyes.

I considered myself lucky because I am able to go and see for some other people maybe they share the same feeling but they are not fortunate to go. That is why I work very hard on The Blogger Club website together. It is for my family and friend and everyone out there who would like to share this travel exciting moment with me.

Thank you for stopping by me website.